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Monday, 12 November 2007

Youth Group of the Kuban Cossack Chorus

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The little girl who is the soloist in the first part of the video is not only spot-on professional, she is adorable (don’t you wish to mother her?). The little boys in the second part are good too. Note the two tykes holding the icons in the second half. Aren’t they gorgeous? Are those proud otsi i mati and babi i dedi I see in the audience? I think so!

Kuban Cossack Chorus

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A rousing soldiers’ song from the First Great Patriotic War of 1812-14 against Napoleon. Krisitn posted recently on her blog concerning Orthodox men, so, here is some proof of Orthodox manliness. Do note the Mandylion on their banner!

Oleg Shtykhno. Autumn Flowers from the Garden. 2003

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Autumn Flowers from the Garden (Oleg Shtykhno, 2003)

For most of us, today is a holiday, since Veterans Day fell on a Sunday. It is a time for last outdoor activities before the bitter weather truly sets in (here in the Northeast, at least). Many of us shall take the last cuttings from the garden, rake the leaves, and, maybe, sit in front of a blazing bonfire this evening.

Winter is in the air, it is the time of the season that Russians call “wounded autumn” (how appropriate). When Nicky and I were driving towards Thatcher State Park yesterday (some 30 kilometres from home here in Albany) we saw traces of slight snow and frost on the ground amongst the leaves and fallen branches. That is a sign that it is time that we must think of the approaching holidays. Thanksgiving turkey is only weeks away, and the Christmas goose is only some seven weeks away in early January. This is a last quiet time before all of that hustle and bustle.

So, we bring in the last flowers and put a log on the fire (if you have a fireplace). It is a time to enjoy the last respite before all of our preparations for the coming festivals, and to crack open a favourite adult beverage with a dear one.

Na zdorovya!

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