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Thursday, 15 November 2007

Luna. Alessandro Safina

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Here is another combination of music and art. The art is by the Russian artist Fyodor Bronnikov, who mainly worked in Italy. The song is sung by one of the most popular Europop artists today, Alessandro Safina. Indeed, his voice is of operatic quality, and, as a tenor, he could give the late Luciano Pavarotti a run for his money.

Karl Lemokh. Varka. 1893

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Varka (Karl Lemokh, 1893)

Whilst I was collecting images on one of my favourite Russian websites today, I ran across this painting. It is so adorable, I cannot resist posting it now. Don’t you wish to mother and hug her? No comments from you fellows concerning feminine sentimentality and treacly gushiness… we DO know how to get even, boys!

“Varka” is a diminutive for “Varvara” (“Barbara”) (it is only a coincidence that her name and mine match… truly!).

Khristos Voskrese! (Christ is Risen!). Sergei Tostokulakov

A setting of the Easter Hymn “Khristos Voskrese” (“Christ is Risen”) by the contemporary Russian composer Sergei Tostokulakov. It is sung by the Novokuznetsk Spiritual Seminary Choir under the direction of Angelina Tostokulakova (incidentally, the composer’s wife). The composer, sly dog that he is, lurks in the tenor section. It is sung against a backdrop of Orthodox iconography.

Valery Badakva. Autumn Presents. 2004

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Autumn Presents (Valery Badakva, 2004)

Here is another painting from Valery Badakva, this time a still life. Quite appropriate, for this time of year, is it not?

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