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Sunday, 18 November 2007

Valery Badakva. Trinity Sunday. 2002

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Trinity Sunday (Valery Badakva, 2002)

In Russian colloquial usage, “Trinity Sunday” is Pentecost. We also call it “Green Sunday” as the clergy wear green vestments and the church is decorated with plants and leaves. The faithful normally take some of the greenery home to decorate their icons. It is also the end of the Paschal season, we go back to the ordinary liturgical cycle found in the Menaia, and end the festal cycle found in the Tsvetnaya Triod (“Flowery Triod”).

In this painting, one cannot see the bell-ringer, although his presence is implied by the fact that the ropes are taut and the bells are ringing. Their sound is going out over the city bringing the news of the liturgy about to begin. Today is Sunday. I do not proselytise, nor do I judge, but, I know where I am going to be this morning. What about you?

This is the last in the series of paintings by Valery Badakva. This coming week, the featured contemporary artist is going to be Valery Balabanov, who was one of the artists who worked on the restoration of Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow. I believe it is wise to have a “featured artist”, and this is going to be one of the continuing sections of this blog. If you know of a contemporary Russian artist, drop me a line, and I shall try to find their works and feature them.

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