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Monday, 19 November 2007

Tol’ko Raz (Only Once). An Old Russian Romance. Dmitri Khvorostovsky

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An Old Russian Romance sung by Dmitri Khvorostovsky with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra under Constantine Obelian. The Russian folk instruments are played by the Style of Five. The artwork in the background is by the Impressionist Isaak Brodsky.

Yevgeny Burmashkin. A Bridge in an Old Park. 2005

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A Bridge in an Old Park (Yevgeny Burmashkin, 2005)

Here is another “mood landscape” by Burmashkin.

Valery Balabanov. The Swimmer. 1976


The Swimmer (1976, Valery Balabanov)

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was dynamited by the Soviets in 1934 (the plunger was depressed by Lazar Kaganovich). As this work is discussed by the artist in detail in “A Prayer for Russia”, I shall not belabour the point here. The communists intended to build a gigantic skyscraper-tower “Palace of Soviets” on the site, but, the ground was found unsuitable for such a project. It was to be topped with a statue of Lenin larger than the Statue of Liberty! For some 45 years, an open-air swimming pool was on the site. Ergo, “The Swimmer”. The water was heated, so, it was possible to swim in this pool in the depths of a Moscow winter. Interestingly, the steam rising from the pool was damaging the paintings in a nearby museum (the problem was solved by the replacement of the pool by the church!).

With the fall of the Soviets in 1991, many people demanded that the Cathedral be rebuilt on the original site. During the early 1990s, the church was rebuilt entirely to the old design, but with the use of modern materials and construction techniques, it was done in a fraction of the time of the original building. Even the iconography was done exactly on the pattern of the demolished edifice.

In short, the mute plea uttered by the subject of this painting in the late 1970s became a reality in the 1990s. This painting is now in the collection of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. Rather fitting, no?

Meet the Artist: Yevgeny Burmashkin

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Yevgeny Burmashkin was born in 1951 in Moscow. He is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists. Yevgeny Burmashkin paints “mood landscapes” in the style of Isaak Levitan. He has taken part in the following exhibitions:

2000 – exhibition ‘All Colours’, The Central House of Artists, Moscow;

2000 – exhibition ‘Christmas Fair’, The Central House of Artists, Moscow;

2001 – International Art Salon, The Central House of Artists, Moscow;

2001 – international exhibition in the Art-Manege, Moscow;

2001 – exhibition ‘Names at Art’, Moscow;

2001 – 2nd International art festival, Magdeburg, Germany;

2001 – exhibition ‘Moskovia-Normandia’, Portbay, Volonj, France;

2002 – International Art Salon, the Central House of Artists, Moscow;

2002 – personal exhibition in Cherbourg, France;

2003 – exhibition in GAZPROM, Moscow;

2004 – exhibition in The Union of Federation, Moscow;

2005 – exhibition in The City Hall of Moscow;

2006 – exhibition in Malazia;

2007 – exhibition in Malta;

2007 – exhibition in Morocco.

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