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Thursday, 22 November 2007

On the Wings of a Prophet: The Artistic Vision of Nikolai Roerikh (Music by Maksim Leonidov)

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The Oriental-themed art of Nikolai Roerikh is linked with a song (Klyuch da Zamok Slovar Moim (The Key to the Lock of my Words)) by Maksim Leonidov with Eastern modalities. As the song was co-written by Jagit Singh, it came by those naturally. I am no advocate of the Oriental mysticism that Roerikh taught, but, he is a part of the Russian artistic heritage, so, I did my best to create a respectful and non-polemical statement of his oeuvre. Needless to say, as an Orthodox Christian, I cannot agree with it.

Blagoslovi dushe moya Gospoda. Sergei Tolstokulakov

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The first antiphon of the liturgy (“Bless the Lord, O my Soul”) in a contemporary setting by Sergei Tolstokulakov performed by the Novokuznetsk Spiritual Seminary Choir under the direction of his wife, Angelina Tolstolulakova. Photographs of contemporary Orthodox Christians make up the backdrop. Several of the photos were taken in Butyrki Prison near Moscow. The prisoners are our brothers in Christ, too, and shall you spare a prayer for them, please?

Ivan Kulikov. A Happy Festival. 1911

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A Happy Festival (Ivan Kulikov, 1911)

A most happy blessed Thanksgiving Day to all of you! May God watch over you and all of your families.

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