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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Valery Balabanov. A Prayer for Russia. 1999


A Prayer for Russia (Valery Balabanov, 1999)

In the words of “A Prayer for Russia”:

One of Valery Balabanov’s works is entitled Prayer for Russia. In its very heart, it depicts the image of the Holy Virgin, who protects Russia with Her Holy Veil. With the blessing of the Moscow Patriarchate, contemporary iconographers have made icons copied from this and other paintings by Balabanov. “I know I have sinned”, Valery Balabanov said. “Only a pure person can paint icons, after fasting, confession, and receiving a blessing. Icons are painted according to strict canons, while I do not paint icons. I paint what the Lord instructs me to. I sense the touch of Holy Truth, and to the best of my abilities I try to reflect it in my art”.

There is nothing more to be said when the artist himself has expressed it so clearly. Mnogaya lyeta to the Servant of God Valery!

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