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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. Bathing of the Red Horse. 1912

Bathing of the Red Horse

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin



“Papa Herman” asked me concerning the figures in Valery Balabanov’s A Prayer for Russia, and I replied that the two large figures on the side panels were modelled on this painting. Therefore, I post this so that he (or anyone else, for that matter) can compare the mounted figure in this work with the two figures in the Balabanov. The resemblance is striking and obvious, even to those unfamiliar with fine art. That’s because this painting is one of the iconic images of Russian art, and it’s as familiar to Russians as the Mona Lisa is to us. It is no wonder that Balabanov used a configuration similar to this. Indeed, this is one of the small and select group of Russian works well-known in the West. Later on, I’ll present more of Petrov-Vodkin’s work, but, a little at a time so that we can digest our (artistic) meals properly!


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