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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Taking a Stroll (music by Julien Clerc)

The contemporary art of Pyotr Bezrukov is paired with a French song by Julien Clerc, Ce N’Est Rien (It is nothing). Some of the paintings are of Paris, so, the use of a French song naturally came to mind.

Quand Je T’aime (When I Love You). Demis Roussos

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The title of the song seems to fit the mood of the paintings, so I retained it as the title of the video. A French song by Demis Roussos is matched with the art of the Tartar neo-Impressionist painter Nurkhatim Bikulov. Mr Bikulov has been active for over forty years as an artist, and these paintings span the entire period. The first painting dates from 1973, and the last from 2002, and they document the lasting love of Mr Bikulov for his wife (and it shows their love for their grandchildren in the last image).

The Tartar people have been part of Russia since the sixteenth century. They are brave and courageous, and their men are famed for their toughness and determination. Tartars have always fought well for Russia (a Tartar general is the head of the MVD), and their contribution to Greater Russia cannot be denied. They are a integral and necessary part of our Russian heritage. The Tartars are both Muslims and loyal Russian citizens (only a few unrepresentative Muslims are Islamocist bandits!). All glory to our Tartar compatriots!

Blagoslovi Dushe Moya Gospoda (Vespers). Rakhmaninov

This is from the classic opus 37 setting of the Vsenoshnoye Vedeniye (All-night Vigil) by Sergei Rakhmaninov. The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir sings it under the direction of Paul Hillier, and the soloist is Iris Oja. It is accompanied by contemporary Russian religious art. This setting is one of my particular favourites, and can move me to tears by its beauty.

Leonid Baranov. Untitled (02). undated

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Untitled (02) (Leonid Baranov, undated)

A jolly little picture full of na├»ve charm and energy, I would say. Life does go on, even under the hardest circumstances, and people still laugh and sing. In its way, this is a metaphor for the rebirth of the Russian people and state over the last seven years. THIS is the real Russia, not the suspect reports you hear in the Western media. Smile… it won’t hurt you!

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