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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Far Away on the Other Side (music by Jean Ferrat)

The neo-Impressionist Russian nature art of Vladimir Shcherbinin joins forces with Jean Ferrat singing La Montagne (The Mountain).

Russian Magnificat. Sergei Tolstokulakov

This is a contemporary setting of My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord (the Russian Orthodox version of the Magnificat) by Sergei Tolstokulakov. It is sung by the Novokuznetsk Spiritual Seminary Choir under the direction of Angelina Tolstokulakova. This video uses the Christian art of the great Peredvizhniki artist Ilya Repin as the backdrop.

More honourable than the Cherubim, and more glorious beyond compare than the Seraphim, Thou who without defilement gavest birth to God the Word, O True Birthgiver of God, Thee do we magnify!

Leonid Baranov. Untitled (03). undated

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Untitled (03) (Leonid Baranov, undated)

What is Dede up to today? Baba is MYSTIFIED (and a little non-plussed). He is rolling a wheel, but, to where, and for what purpose? God Himself knows… but, He is not telling! Yet, one sees that Dede is moving with a sense of purpose, and he has an end in view… but what is it?

A Hunting We Will Go! (music by Chopin)

Russian hunting paintings by Frentz, Kondratenko, Perov, Shishkin, and Sverchkov mesh with the Polonaise nr 6 in A flat major op 53 Héroique by Frédéric Chopin played by Idil Biret. Some virulent anti-hunters recently got under my skin, so, this is my response! God bless all you hunters out there! The last image, Sverchkov’s Treats for the Horses, is symbolic of the fact that a good hunter always takes care of his horses and dogs before he rests after the hunt. I have never met a hunter who lacked respect for the good earth, for its creatures, and for the animals who serve him. It is a selflessness sorely needed in our time.

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