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Saturday, 8 December 2007


I was watching vids on You-Tube today, and I came across the lovely little gem. It is photographs taken at the monastery at Valaam, and I recommend it highly. Indeed, I rated it a “favourite” and placed it on one of my playlists!

Mikhail Nesterov. A Portrait of Archbishop Antony Khrapovitsky of Volyn. 1917


A Portrait of Archbishop Antony Khrapovitsky of Volyn (Mikhail Nesterov, 1917)

Vladyki Antony was one of the greatest Orthodox hierarchs in the 20th century, being equalled by only Patriarchs St Tikhon and Aleksei of Moscow and all Russia. At the 1917 Sobor, Vladyki Antony received the most votes, but, the names of the top three contenders were placed in a chalice, and the name of St Tikhon was drawn. Vladyki Antony always showed the greatest respect for St Tikhon, and never showed any signs of resentment.

Vladyki Antony was the first primate of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). It was always a fully canonical body (do not heed the lies circulated by a certain modernist seminary), as it was organised under the provisions of Ukaze 362 of Patriarch St Tikhon. The fruit of ROCOR is visible to all. You need only go to Jordanville or to the shrine of St John Maksimovitch in San Francisco or the monastery on Vashon Island. A good tree bears good fruit… This is the legacy of Vladyki Antony. Sir Christopher Wren said, “If you require a memorial, look about you”. Yes, indeed. Look about you… see the good trees… see the bad trees… You know what our Lord said of the bad trees!

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