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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Ilya Repin. Portrait of the Composer Modest Mussorgsky. 1881

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Portrait of the Composer Modest Mussorgsky (Ilya Repin, 1881)

Recently, a “Ukrainian nationalist” made some unfortunate comments regarding Mr Repin in regards to a video I presented on You-Tube. It was sad, truly, for the remarks were not based in fact.

Ilya Repin is considered one of the finest artists in all Russian history, and all standard Russian works reflect this. In fact, in the classic The Icon and the Axe (still in print, and a very valuable resource), the author, James Billington, portrays Mr Repin as the quintessential Russian painter, and rightly so, using the picture above as proof of his talent.

The commenter claimed that Repin lived and worked in the Ukraine. That is not so. “Pentak”, the house of Mr Repin, is now a museum (indeed, as an aside, one of the two graduate art faculties in Russia is named after Mr Repin). It is located near St Petersburg, which is nowhere near the Ukraine.

This is sad because such unsubstantiated commentary hurts their cause, it does not make their point at all. Please, remember that very important word: “substantiate”. If Mr Repin lived in Russia, is honoured in Russia, and bore a Russian family name, well, he must have been Russian! It is unfortunate that some people employ overblown rhetoric instead of stating clear fact.

This sets the record straight, I am certain.

Christmas… Aussie Style

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There was a good response to Six White Boomers, so, why not an encore? Here is another fun thing from Down Under.

Bogoroditse Dyevo Raduisya. Rakhmaninov

This composition from the opus 37 Vespers of Sergei Rakhmaninov is my favourite setting of this text. It is combined with Russian icons of the Mother of God of Kazan.

The text differs from the Western version. Virgin Birthgiver of God, rejoice! Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee! Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, for thou hast borne the Saviour of our souls!

A Cold Snowy Day

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A friend of mine in Russia made this video. Check out the temperature! I thought it was bad here in Albany… Brrr…. Please, pass “the real thing”…. not Coke! The vodka!

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