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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A Christmas Carol, part One. Alistair Sim.

As everyone knows, the one-and-only Scrooge was Sir Alistair Sim. The only recent portrayal to come close was the one by Patrick Stewart (It was GOOD, but it did NOT displace Mr Sim’s iconic performance. It was 9 out of 10, though.). None of the others were EVIL and MEAN enough! In the run-up to Latin Christmas, I am going to be playing this in nine parts. It is my “Christmas Card” to those of you celebrating on the Roman calendar.

Under the Birch Trees (music by Dmitri Khvorostovsky)

The art of the Impressionist painter Igor Grabar is paired with an old Russian “romants” sung by Dmitri Khvorostovsky.

“Voice of an Angel”. Manastir Ravanica

I found this lovely video about a Serbian monastery with chant sung in Greek. We Russians stand behind our Serbian co-religionists 100 per cent! Kosovo is Serbian, NOT Albanian!

Snegurochka and her animal friends

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Do you think that Snegurochka is going to forget her animal friends this Christmas? I think not!

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