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Saturday, 22 December 2007

Vasili Belyaev. The Burning Bush. Khram Spasa na Krovi (Church of the Saviour on the Spilt Blood). St Petersburg RF. undated (1890s)

The Burning Bush

Vasili Belyaev

undated (1890s?)

Khram Spasa na Krovi (Church of the Saviour on the Spilt Blood)

St Petersburg (Federal City of St Petersburg. Northwestern Federal DistrictRF

Good Wishes from the bear!

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Here is the Russian bear spreading good cheer. I dedicate this to my Nicky, my “cuddly bear”.

The Peredvizhniki. Russia’s “Wanderers”. music by Chopin

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The Peredvizhniki (“Wanderers”) are the most influential current in Russian art history and founded the basis for today’s Russian school of art. See their paintings and know why. The music is the Grand Valse Brillante op 34 nr 2 by Chopin played by Yevgeny Kissin.

A Freshly-Painted Canvas (music by Vivaldi)

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This is a gallery of contemporary Great Russian artists and their works. Art students from all over the Near Abroad flock to study and work in Russia because of the creative ferment and the excellent education at the Surikov and Repin graduate art faculties. This is a re-establishment of the cultural life of the old Empire. God willing, a political restoration shall follow this artistic movement.
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