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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Angeli v Nebi. The Angels in Heaven. Russian kolyadka

This kolyadka for the Christmas season is matched with postcards of the late Imperial period. The Novokuznetsk Spiritual Seminary Choir from Siberia sings it.

Merry Christmas!

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For my friends celebrating on the Roman Calendar, Merry Christmas!

Noch Tikha. Quiet Night. Russian kolyadka

One of our Russian kolyadki is matched with contemporary photos of Orthodox Chrisitians at prayer and feasting. My intent was to “enflesh” Orthodox life, both our worship and our celebrations. The final image is “The Nativity of Christ” by the contemporary Russian artist Pavel Popov. The first image is the cathedral at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville NY during the winter Christmas season.

Nebo i Zemlya. Heaven and Earth. Russian kolyadka

This is one of the kolyadki (carols) for Christmas. The St Nicholas Cathedral Children’s Choir in Mozhaisk sings it accompanied by Orthodox icons of the Birth of Christ. The final image is the famous version painted by St Andrei Rublyov. To forestall spam by nationalist extremists, the kolyadki migrated from Little Russia all over the Empire, and they are now a precious heritage of all Orthodox Russians. In any case, this choir is Russian, and it was recorded in Russia. Isn’t it sad that I must include such a caveat for such a beautiful song about a meaningful feast?

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