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Thursday, 3 January 2008

On the way to (Orthodox) Christmas

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Well… it looks as though Dede’s helpers are getting things ready for the Sunday night run. As for me, I am still doing all those last-minute things… you know, the ones we always say we are going to do early next year

Do listen for the troika bells… Dede shall certainly stop… for not to do so would be HERESY.

Rota tu Volubilis… The Two Russian Revolutions. music by Orff

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“The Two Russian Revolutions”. Images from 1917-21 and 1991 are juxtaposed against an audio backdrop of the first two and the final pieces from Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. “Rota tu volubilis” in Latin means, “the wheel turns again”.

Editor’s Note:

The image of the poster portraying Trotsky as a “red devil” is included for historical verisimilitude only. I do NOT advocate anti-Semitism, nor do I find it congenial.

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