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Monday, 7 January 2008

Vasili Shebuyev. The Nativity of Christ. no date (1840s?)

The Nativity of Christ (Vasili Shebuyev, no date (1840s?))

Father Andrew and family, s Prazdnikom!

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Our greetings to you and yours on the feast! We wish you the happiness of the occasion, and we hope that the radiance of Our Lord’s Nativity shines over your household. May God be kind to all of you in the Phillips family.

Khristos razhdayetsya! Slavite yego!

Nicky and Vara

Andrew, I am Glad that Dede Found You!

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Since the bunny told him where to go, I know that Dede dropped off some nice presents for you. Tyotya Vara wishes you a most happy and FUN Christmas. Now, if you are bad next year… Dede shall leave you a lump of coal! However… tyotya knows that you are going to be GOOD!

Emily, Hannah, and Alexandra: Dede Loves You Too!

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My special greetings to three lovely little girls, Emily, Hannah, and Alexandra. Tyotya Vara gives you the joy of the day, embraces you, and wishes nothing but the best for the three of you. Dede gives all of you a big hug!

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