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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Garden of the Mother of God. music by Russian monastic choir

Photographs my Nicky took whilst he was on otpust to the Holy Land and Athos in 1966 are matched with a traditional piece from the Utreniye (Matins) sung by a Russian monastic choir. Much nonsense has been written about the prohibition of women visitors to Mt Athos. That is the way of it, and the only way I (and other women) can visit is via the photos of our male relatives. The Athonite fathers are wise. They know that they are great sinners, and they wish to have as little temptation as possible. May God bless these holy men. They are the beating heart of our Orthodox faith.

Yuri Macyk. A Bonnet. 2004

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The Bonnet (Yuri Macyk, 2004)

Yuri Matsik. An Autumn Day. 2007

00 Yuri Matsik. An Autumn Day. 2007

An Autumn Day

Yuri Matsik


My Stoim s Aleksandr Nevsky (We Stand With Aleksandr Nevsky). music by Sergei Prokof’ev

Last year, relics of Grand Prince St Aleksandr Nevsky were taken on a tour throughout Russia. There was a stress on going where the forces were stationed, for St Aleksandr is one of the patron saints of warriors. The photos are taken from that tour, and the music is from the original film score for the movie “Aleksandr Nevsky” by Prokof’ev. This video shows the rebirth of Russia from the long Red nightmare.

I dedicate this video to a friend of mine on active service in the forces.

Editor’s Note:

The music is taken from the original film score, not the cantata adapted from it. The two scores are somewhat different.

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