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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Vladimir Aleksandrov. A Lady with a Fan. 2007

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A Lady with a Fan (Vladimir Aleksandrov, 2007)

Vladimir Aleksandrov. Summer in Starytsia. 2007

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Summer in Starytsia (Vladimir Aleksandrov, 2007)

Bill, I have a confession to make. Mea maxima culpa! Can you forgive me for making the images of the paintings somewhat larger than the originals? O tempora! O mores! I kneel in humble supplication… what is my penance for this? 😉

(Lisa do you think that WRJ is going to take the above at face value… hmm…)

Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky. Reading a Letter. 1892

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Reading a Letter

Nikolai Bogadanov-Belsky


This is a very early work of the artist, as he was only 22 when he painted this. Both this painting and A Portrait of Natalia by Aleksandrov are of young women in “casual” attire in informal situations. Gee… it looks as though the only thing that’s changed is the clothing! The people themselves are still the same sinful-ginfuls that’ve existed since the time of the Garden. Beware of all who speak of “different rules for different times”. Do check your handbag to see if your wallet is still there intact…

Vladimir Aleksandrov. A Portrait of Natalia. 2006

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A Portrait of Natalia (Vladimir Aleksandrov, 2006)

On one of the Russian art discussion sites, the question was asked “fotografami ili kartini?” (photographs or paintings?) regarding some paintings of Mr Aleksandrov. There are “super-realist” artists whose work elicits this query constantly. Mr Aleksandrov is one of these. Oh, yes… as per usual, the moderator’s reply was “Kartini!” (Paintings!)

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