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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Ilya Repin. A Man’s Best Friend, His Dog. 1908

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A Man’s Best Friend, His Dog (Ilya Repin, 1908)

I do daresay that Mr Repin probably had an “interesting” week when he painted this one! Probably, his daughters came calling with complaints about their husbands, his new wife Natalia was maybe giving him a hard time, and impecunious friends such as Maksim Gorky no doubt had hit him up for a “loan”. One can see Mr Repin walking out to the shore of the Gulf of Finland with his faithful dog. “You, at least, do not complain, give me a hard time, or feed me some sob-story BS for some money…”

WOOF! (tail wagging, front paws on Mr Repin’s chest, and lolling tongue)

No doubt, that raised a LARGE smile on Mr Repin’s face… he got an inspiration, whipped out his canvas and palette… Voilà! Maybe not great art, but, certainly heartfelt.

Did Rover get an especially meaty bone that evening? One would hope so!

WOOF! (lying down, gnawing his bone with great contentment, tail hitting the floor, and, “oh, what a good boy am I!”)

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