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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Igor Mashkov. The Accordionist (A Portrait of D. Omelchenko). 1999

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The Accordionist (Igor Mashkov, 1999)

The theme today is “musicians”. We have a boy with a pipe, a girl at the grand piano, and a man with a bayan (Russian accordion). The bayan has a different reed configuration than a Western accordion, so, if you thought that Russian accordions sounded different, well, it’s because their sound is distinct because of their construction.

Note that Mr Omelchenko is wearing a tsarist-era uniform of the old Don Cossack voiska (host). That means that he is a member of one of the many Cossack musical ensembles found throughout the RF. In fact, the ataman (leader) of the Don Cossack host has been elected as a deputy to the RF Gosduma (State Duma). So, if you hear extremist nationalists trying to claim that all Cossacks are Ukrainian, remember this painting and remember about the Cossack ataman who is also a Duma deputy. Facts DO speak louder than words.

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