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Sunday, 17 February 2008

Andrei Drozdov. Prayer. 2005

Prayer (Andrei Drozdov, 2005)

There is much that we must pray for in the coming days. The illegal declaration of independence by Kosovo shall affect all of us in one way or another, and the chance of open conflict over it is not at all improbable (although, I wish that such can be avoided, albeit, on honourable terms). Our fellow Orthodox Christians are now under the heel of the criminal UCK (initials for the Kosovo Liberation Army in Albanian), and their fate is uncertain, at best.

For we Orthodox Christians in America, we need to pray that the long night of the OCA farce may soon end, and be ended in a proper manner. There was a suggestion by a Professor Esterbrook that since “the truth may never be known”, we should stop to seek it, and uncritically support the powers-that-be in Syosset and SVS. This is a recipe for disaster. No doubt similar sentiments were voiced at the time of the Arian, Iconoclastic, and Uniate controversies as well.

We should emulate St Nicholas, St Afanassy, and Blessed Pyotr Mogila, not Professor Esterbrook, Paul Meyendorff, or Bradley Nassif. Remember that St Nicholas took no guff from Arius! St Afanassy has his place in history as Athanaius contra mundum. Blessed Pyotr refused to bow to the Pope of Rome, although it would have been very advantageous to him.

We can follow our saints and carry their banner in the present, or, we can listen to professors who are trying to preserve their pay-packets. I’m on the side of St Nicholas, St Afanassy, and Blessed Pyotr… what about you?

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