Art and Faith

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Ilya Repin. A Female Pilgrim. no date (1880s?)

A Female Pilgrim (Ilya Repin, no date (1880s?)

This is a study made by Mr Repin in preparation for a larger, more famous, canvass that he painted in 1883. I chose this work because its unfinished nature does speak to our condition as “unfinished canvasses”, and it also is a more direct work than the later, more technically accomplished, painting. We need to pray with zeal over the next few weeks. We live in dangerous times, and the US is ruled by an irresponsible president and an out-of-control Secretary of State. The chance of war is very high because of their fecklessness. If the US goes to war at present, in its weakened, overextended, and myopic state, it shall be defeated. I do not say this with glee. However, to say otherwise is to lie… God help us all, especially our poor soldiers who may have to pay the price for the opium dreams of those in Washington.

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