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Monday, 25 February 2008

Tatiana Fedorova. Pyotr Chaikovsky. no date (2000s?)

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tatiana-fedorova-pyotr-chaikovsky.jpgPyotr Chaikovsky (Tatiana Fedorova, no date (2000s?))

This portrait is obviously not taken from life, as it was painted over a century after the composer’s death. Pyotr Chaikovsky (1840-1893) was not one of the “Five”, yet, he was their contemporary, and was, arguably, the more famous as a composer. Unlike them, he had a formal musical education. His output consists of six symphonies, five operas, three ballets, and numerous smaller-scale works. Chaikovsky composed in the “Imperial style” in favour with the tsar and the nobility. That is, the harmonics were often “Western”, wedded to Russian melodies. Perhaps, that is why he is the most famous Russian composer in the West.

Oh, yes… “Tchaikovsky” is the French transliteration of “Chaikovsky”, both are pronounced identically.

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