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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Ilya Repin. Ataman Serko. 1889

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Ataman Serko (Ilya Repin, 1889)

A good friend of mine put a post on her site mentioning Ivan Serko (also known as Sirko, spelling was rather haphazard at the Sich (would YOU argue with a cossack? I thought not…)). Ataman Serko (1610-1680) was a champion of Orthodoxy and loyal to the Orthodox tsar in Moscow. Besides fighting the Turks and Poles in Little Russia, he also served in Siberia, in the area of Tobolsk. Ataman Serko also opposed Little Russian separatists. During his time as ataman, the cossacks at the Sich wrote their famous letter to the Turkish sultan replete with all sorts of colourful insults and lusty profanity. He is one of the famous folk heroes of the Empire.


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