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Friday, 29 February 2008

A Contemporary Russian-American Wedding

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When one compensates for differences in scale (that is, a modest ordinary service in comparison to a lush regal setting), there is not much difference in the two weddings. That is, in Russian Orthodoxy, we have not changed; we have not suffered a “Vatican II” as the Catholics did. Of course, there are unrepresentative intellectuals who wish to “improve” things, but, they are a minority, and the faithful, largely, ignore them. I have every confidence that the ’60s true believers amongst us shall be routed soon, and we can get back to the serious business of preserving our faith complete and unchanged. Unfortunately, these unrepresentative voices predominate on the Internet, although there are shining exemplars of traditional faith here on the web such as Fr John Whiteford, Fr Jason (I am SORRY, I am writing from memory, and I forgot his last name! First sign of Alzheimer’s?), and the great monks from Vashon Island (kudos, Fr Tryphon!). Do ignore such as Frederica Matthewes-Greene and Joseph Honeycutt, they are peddling Protestantism with an Orthodox veneer, sadly.

I thank the inimitable Sasha Ressetar for the photo, he is in the back holding a candle (as he should! my praises to a brave man who keeps the faith without diminution).

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