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Friday, 29 February 2008

Ivan Kuznetsov. The Installation of Tsar Mikhail Romanov. 1996

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The Installation of Tsar Mikhail Romanov (Ivan Kuznetsov, 1996)

What better “contrast” piece than one illustrating the installation of the first Romanov tsar in 1613? Interestingly enough, Tsar Mikhail Romanov was installed at the Ipatievsky Monastir (Ipatiev Monastery) in Kostroma, whilst Tsar St Nikolai Aleksandrovich and his family and retainers were murdered at the Ipatievsky Dom (Ipatiev House) in Yekaterinburg. Note the deliberately archaic lettering around the border, done in the style of old Russian icons.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Ilya Repin. A Portrait of Yuri Repin, the Son of the Artist. 1882

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A Portrait of Yuri Repin, the Son of the Artist (Ilya Repin, 1882)

The theme for today of the art of Ilya Repin is “boys”. This is the portrait of Mr Repin’s only son, who died in early childhood. The early death of his only son and the death of his first wife, Vera, scarred the artist, lending a note of pathos and tragedy to his life.

Ilya Repin. A Cripple. 1880

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A Cripple (Ilya Repin, 1880)

Ilya Repin. Boys on the Grass. 1903

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ilya-repin-boys-on-the-grass-1903.jpgBoys on the Grass (Ilya Repin, 1903)

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