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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Ilya Repin. David and Goliath. 1915


David and Goliath (Ilya Repin, 1915)

We are going to leave Mr Repin for the time being with this work. I find this painting to have meaning for we Orthodox in America in regards to the current crisis. The “powers that be” are laughing at us, calling us names, making vicious ad hominem attacks, and they truly think that they can still fool us into supporting them.

Let’s see… David DID defeat Goliath, did he not? Hmm…

Images of Maslenitsa 1

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Instead of giving you a dry and boring lecture on Maslenitsa, I shall give you some images, instead. Betcha ya wanna join the fun! These two pictures are of some of the decorations for the feast.

Images of Maslenitsa 2

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Here are some of the fun doins’ and some of the great eats at the Maslenitsa celebration. Make your reservations early! Being Orthodox is fun! Don’t we do cool stuff? A lot better than long faces and longer explanations of all the convoluted rules of fasting, I say. If you cannot party and smile… you may be something, but you ain’t Orthodox, that’s fur shure.
That’s what blini look like. Give me a dozen, right now! Ouch… I think I gained a dress size just thinking of these. These are accompanied by cranberries and tea.
Seconds, anyone? For them not in the know, the filling in these is fish roe… poor man’s caviare.
Don’t ya just wanna join these folks?
Sliding down a snow hill at a Maslenitsa party.
Good eats at a Maslenitsa party.
Hey, it ain’t a party until the guy with an accordion shows up…
Here’s Dame Winter…

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