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Monday, 3 March 2008

More Maslenitsa Fun!

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Here are some more images of Maslenitsa fun!



Maslenitsa in Moscow.



A snow hill is ABSOLUTELY necessary for a proper Maslenitsa.



The burning of the effigy of Dame Winter.



Blini! Yum!

Oh, bother… I really must find that pair of “fat jeans”… I won’t tell if you won’t!

Pass the Rolaids, please. Why did I eat SO many?


Boris Olshansky. The Night of the Warrior. 1995

The Night of the Warrior (Boris Olshansky, 1995)

I do not have much information on this artist, nor do I have a photograph. Mr Olshansky mainly paints scenes of “Old Russia” and fantasy with Russian themes.

Boris Olshansky. An Embassy Courtyard of the 17th Century. 2006

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An Embassy Courtyard of the 17th Century (Boris Olshansky, 2006)

Boris Olshansky. Lel. 1994

Lel (Boris Olshansky, 1994)

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