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Friday, 7 March 2008

Vasili Surikov. The Taking of the Snow Fortress. 1891


The Taking of the Snow Fortress (Vasili Surikov, 1891)

Here is a painting that shows the continuity between the Maslenitsa celebrations of the past and the modern festivities. It is FUN to be Orthodox. Orthodox people know how to laugh well because they know to discipline themselves as well. To everything, there is a season, as the Scripture says.

That is why I oppose the innovations of Schememann, the Again crowd, and all the other earnest long-faced converts that have come into the church (again, I am speaking of a loud minority). I stand for our traditional faith and the customs that encapsulate it. If you take away the customs, there is no framework, and the faith dies. It is truly that simple.

Party Hearty! It’s the Orthodox thing to do!

Party Hearty! Maslenitsa is still going on!

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There are lots of things to do at Maslenitsa… such as skipping rope, Russian-style…



having a playful mock-fight…


playing Maslenitsa games… note the balalaika player, another sign of a certified party.



singing and dancing…



Oh, dear! We’ve caught one of the Maslenitsa buffoons FLIRTING.



The burning of the effigy of Winter.


Boris Olshansky. A Holy Place. 1997

A Holy Place (Boris Olshansky, 1997)

Boris Olshansky. Alyosha Popovich and Yelena Krasa. 2003

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Alyosha Popovich and Yelena Krasa (Boris Olshansky, 2003)

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