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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Boris Kustodiev. Maslenitsa. 1916


Boris Kustodiev



Today’s the last day of the merry festival of Maslenitsa, and the Great Lent, with all of its abstinence and effort, starts tomorrow. However, we know what lies at the end of Lent and Holy Week… the bright feast of the resurrection of our Lord Christ, Easter. I felt that the Maslenitsa paintings of Boris Kustodiev are an appropriate end to this holiday. I may find another photo or two, but, this is, in essence, our farewell to this jolly celebration. Lent isn’t a desert, it isn’t a time for long faces, rather, it’s a time for reflection on what’s needful and good. It’s good that we have BOTH Maslenitsa and Lent. For after all, to every time, there is a season.



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