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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Lavrenty Bruni. The Art of Dying. 1994

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The Art of Dying (Lavrenty Bruni, 1994)

My Artist of the Week is going to be the contemporary Russian Lavrenty Bruni.

This work is appropriate in the context of the recent death of Metropolitan Laurus Skurla of the ROCOR. The representation is that of an ending, but, it does not appear to show a violent end. Likewise, Vladyki Laurus passed quietly in his sleep, without notice, without pain. That is how we all should go when our time comes, as it inevitably does.

Happy Easter to all my Western Friends!

A Vision of the Mother of God with the Christ-Child Amongst the Angels (Vladimir Borovikovsky, 1823)

My best wishes to all of you who are celebrating Easter today on the Catholic calendar. I wish you nothing but joy, happiness, and good will on this festal day. Shall you come to my Easter party on 27 April? There shall be a place set aside just for you…

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