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Monday, 24 March 2008

Meet the Artist: Lavrenty Vasilevich Bruni

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Lavrenty Bruni

Born: 1961, Moscow

Lavrenty Bruni studied at the Surikov Art College in Moscow from 1983 to 1984. Then, he studied classical drawing with Professor Karimov from 1986 to 1989. Mr Bruni became a member of the Moscow Union of Artists in 1994.

Flowers Blooming in a Garden of Kitsch

An exhibition of the paintings of Lavrenty Bruni opened at the Moscow Fine Art Gallery in Old Arbat Street. The young artist‘s ancestry, which includes Fyodor Bruni, a famous Academy master painter from the last century, and his diploma from the prestigious Surikov Art College promise an impressive show, even though it is at a modest venue. the exhibition‘s grand title, Gala-Time Bouquet, rivals the gala look of the presented canvasses, which ought to delight the visitors from the older generation while possibly somewhat alarming them too.

It shall delight them with the familiar type of still life in the Konchalovsky-Gerasimov style remembered so well from Soviet times… all those LilacsRoses, and Peonies reproduced in large prints that adorn the walls of their communal flats, with rich and garish colours, and bold and untidy brushwork (described as “pedigree lush” by Professor Sidorov). Alarming to them may be the artist‘s mania for giant size.

One sees huge poppies and lilies, as if grown with nitrate fertilisers, spread over the canvasses, almost dripping their excess of colour to the floor. The tender girls’ names used for titles, KsyushaLenkaSnezhana, suit the leviathan paintings just as much as Katyusha did the artillery rocket launchers of World War II. The more sophisticated visitor will remember Poppies by Warhol and class it as Russian pop art, the critic will drop the foreign term “simulacrum”, and the experts buying for a corporate collection may define it as “decorative”. The artist may well agree, though probably not with all of them.

15 March 1995

M. Bode


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