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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Natalia Kurguzova-Miroshnik. Candy. no date (1990s-2000s?)

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Candy (Natalia Kurguzova-Miroshnik, no date (1990s-2000s?))

Hmm… does the title refer to the little girl’s nickname (Konfeta in Russian), or is it a reference to the candy in her hand… or is it both? The artist doesn’t tell us! Drat!

Isn’t she drop drop-dead adorable and cute? Bet this is the artist’s daughter.

Konstantin Miroshnik. Breakfast for Alexander of Macedon. no date (1990s-2000s)

Breakfast for Alexander of Macedon (Konstantin Miroshnik, no date (1990s-2000s)

Now. a work by the other half of this husband-and-wife team. I know that Bill loves still life, and he loved the paintings by Valery Fedotov, so, I am sure that this canvas shall pass muster with him. This one’s for you, Bill! Will you still be my friend? 🙂

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