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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Andrei Lashin. A Lad with a Balalaika. no date (1860s)

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A Lad with a Balalaika (Andrei Lashin, no date (1860s?))

This is dedicated to my friend Sasha Ressetar, and all you other balalaika players out there. Rest easy knowing that it is not a certifiable party until the balalaika player comes in the door. Of course, we know for it to get to the stage of an ordinary party, you need an accordionist. “It ain’t a party until the guy with an accordion shows up”. ‘Nuff said!

Andrei Lashin. A Sleeping Shepherd Boy. 1862

Filed under: 19th century,domestic,fine art,human study,Russian — 01varvara @ 00.00

A Sleeping Shepherd Boy (Andrei Lashin, 1862)

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