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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Nikolai Koshelev. The Head of Christ. 1880s.

The Head of Christ (Nikolai Koshelev, 1880s)

Today is Orthodox Palm Sunday, and tomorrow is the first day of Holy Week. This, for many of us, is the busiest week of the year. There are extra church services, the festal preparations must be made, and all this on top of one’s ordinary duties and responsibilities.

I wished to post a thoughtful portrait of Christ, and I think this fills the bill. Our Lord has a pensive expression, and it appears as though He knows the denouement of the events of the coming days. This bows Him down, and He is sagging under the weight of His burden. This is the fulfillment of why He came amongst us, yet, he wishes that it could pass from Him.

This is an excellent meditation for the week ahead, I say. For my Orthodox friends, I wish you a most profitable Holy Week. May we be able to greet Easter next Sunday with the proper joy and gladness. However, there is Golgotha to be passed through, first…

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