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Saturday, 3 May 2008

I LIKE the Easter Bunny!

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There are many Orthodox Christians who make a minor cottage industry of bashing the Easter Bunny at this time of year. I say, “GET REAL!” The Easter Bunny does not involve theology, and it is a completely secular aspect of the holiday. In short, it hurts nothing. We should be asking ourselves what kind of major malfunction exists in those who perpetually have long faces and who attack anything that is remotely fun. They come up with myriad reasons for why we should banish the Easter Bunny to the outer darkness, whereas I would point out that this is a harmless little piece of fun that does not contradict any of the Church’s teaching.

Yes, I LIKE the Easter Bunny. He is part of my holiday, and I dare any long-faced and constipated sort to attack it. Some things are just fun, they are not serious. They bring a smile to our faces, and I say that God smiles when He sees such. LIGHTEN UP. That lot shall be surprised on the Last Day, when the Good Lord may very well say to them, “No soup for you!”

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