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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Mikhail Nesterov. The Soul of the Russian People. 1916

The Soul of the Russian People

Mikhail Nesterov


Mikhail Nesterov. Holy Rus. 1905

Holy Rus (Mikhail Nesterov, 1905)

I was searching for an image that properly embodies what I feel concerning the unity of our Russian Orthodox Church in America. This, I say, is where the rubber hits the road! We must put Christ in our lives first of all, as Blessed Laurus the Silent did. Because he did so, there is now unity between the MP and the ROCOR. I would say to all in the OCA to put Christ first, and not Schmemann first, as you are doing now. You were led astray by a fanciful pied-piper. We want you back home. CHRIST wants you back home. Is a dead and deluded theologian that important to you? I would hope not.

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