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Sunday, 18 May 2008

A Yermonin. The Ninth of May. 1980

The Ninth of May (A Yermonin, 1980)

The paintings that follow this one depict the Second Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. However, these are not smiling blonde Slavic ideal types. Rather, these paintings face the reality of war and what it brings. Some of these are not pleasant, for they depict a topic avoided in American suburban circles… death. One need only look at the face of the woman in this work to realise that she is still grieving for a man she said farewell to many years ago… and never saw again. Such¬†emotion¬†cannot be described, it can only be portrayed…

A Yakovlev. A Tribute to Fallen Artists. no date

A Tribute to Fallen Artists (A Yakovlev, no date)

A Krasnov. For the Motherland. 1958

For the Motherland

A Krasnov


P Bogorodsky. Glory to a Fallen Hero. 1945

Glory to a Fallen Hero (P Bogorodsky, 1945)

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