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Monday, 2 June 2008

Pavel Filonov. Wolf Cub. 1925

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Wolf Cub (Pavel Filonov, 1925)

Pavel Filonov. Flowers of the Universal Flowering. 1916

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Flowers of the Universal Flowering (Pavel Filonov, 1916)

This is a rather typical Filonov avant-garde piece. It is almost non-representational, but, not quite. It makes you think.

Konstantin Makovsky. Preparing for the Wedding. 1884

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Preparing for the Wedding (Konstantin Makovsky, 1884)

This is a preparation of a bride for the wedding in a traditional, albeit prosperous, peasant or merchant household. Since people love these wedding pictures, I am going to be digging them up over the next week.

Ivan Aivazovsky. Ocean. 1896

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Ocean (Ivan Aivazovsky, 1896)

Another sea-sickness inducer from Aivazovsky. How’s this for an encore, Lisa?

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