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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Ivan Aivazovsky. Parade of the Black Sea Fleet in 1849. no date

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Parade of the Black Sea Fleet in 1849 (Ivan Aivazovsky, no date)

Hmm… could this painting have the date of… 1849? I wouldn’t bet against it!

This is the perfect painting to hang in your son’s room. It would give him the proper inspiration, I would say. Now, for your daughter’s room, I suggest Boris Olshansky’s Bereginya (it is posted here, search for “Bereginya”, and you’ll find it). Tsar Nikolai Pavlovich is seen reviewing his line-of-battleships in this sceneĀ takenĀ from the end of the Age of Sail. In a few short years, steam-driven ironclads would replace all these beautiful sailing ships. Drat… they are more “romantic” in appearance, are they not?

Oh dear, she’s being anti-PC and Neanderthal again! Yep… I plead GUILTY. I vote for good-sense and respect for the practical wisdom of our forebears… they DID know a thing or two.

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