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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Yuly Klever. Sunrise in Winter. 1897

Sunrise in Winter

Yuly Klever



Bill, do I ever have a suggestion for you! No doubt, you sometimes find yourself in the company of a boring pseudo-artist who’s always trying to one-up you. Well… I don’t think that the average American art-phony has ever heard of Klever or Makovsky or any other artist I feature on this site. If someone tires to bamboozle you, just say, “I’m emulating the play with light found in Klever”. They’ll have NO idea of what you are talking about… but they’ll never admit it! Betcha you’ll hear tons of certifiable BS… until you pull out the laptop and pull up one of these posts.

I knew you’d LOVE my idea, Bill…


Yuly Klever. A Landscape. 1892

A Landscape

Yuly Klever


Ivan Aivazovsky. The Bounding Waves. 1898

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The Bounding Waves [Ivan Aivazovsky, 1898]

In my quest to induce ever greater and grander states of mal de mer in Bill Jones, I give you another seascape by Aivazovsky. Can you believe that he painted over 8,000 pictures in the course of his long life? No, he wasn’t poor either! He made a ton of cash and endowed an art school in his home town. Yet, he was clueless when it came to the human figure. Therefore, he stuck to ships and seascapes and made a potful of money. Wise man…

Pavel Filonov. Ships. 1919. First painting of the “Composition” cycle

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Ships (Pavel Filonov, 1919) (first painting of the “Composition” cycle)

The three paintings of the “Composition” cycle are, perhaps, Filonov’s most famous works. I have no idea what they represent, and if someone says that they do know, I would like the name of what they are smoking and their supplier.

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