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Ivan Aivazovsky. The Passage of the Jews through the Red Sea. 1891 » ivan-aivazovsky-passage-of-the-jews-through-the-red-sea-1891


  1. The usual wonderful water of Aivazovsky, but not at all according to the way the Jews passed through the sea. It’s a pity, because he had the talent to have done it correctly if he’d done his homework. The sea opened in 12 passages to allow the 12 tribes to pass through. One of the 3 merits in which the Jews were redeemed from Egypt was because the women dressed modestly. Moses did not have horns, but beams of holy light. And it was a sea. not a river.

    Comment by Leah-Mindle Lipszyc — Monday, 11 April 2016 @ 00.00

  2. Leah-Mindle Lipszyc I agree with you ‘wonderful water of Aivazovsky’ He was and still is the best in marine art works, its mind bogling, but the reason for this comment or reply is that I was going to paint my version of Moses and the parting of the red sea, and get some hints from old boy Aivazovsky when I read your commemt, He gave good old Moses Horns and He parted the river, yes, that was wrong, I am jewish and I know about the 12 tribes, buy what I did not know was that there was 12 openings, one is hard enough, but 12???? Realy, …….Which one did the Egyptian soldiers try to cross before they were drowned? I have asked around, can not get a answer that will please everyone, what I mean, I dont mind , its ok not to like my painting, I just do not want my facts to be wrong , any way thank you for the info and thanks for having the patience Leah wish you all the best …Abraham

    Comment by abraham morris — Tuesday, 31 May 2016 @ 00.00

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