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Monday, 14 July 2008

Andrei Ryabushkin. At the Dragon’s Cave. 1880s

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At the Dragon’s Cave (Andrei Ryabushkin, 1880s)

This may only be a study, but, it shows how much meaning that one can pack into a minimal amount of brush-strokes. Very effective, I say. More detail would ruin the effect, truly.

Andrei Ryabushkin. A Girl with a Doll. 1897

A Girl with a Doll

Andrei Ryabushkin



Doesn’t she look so innocent and serious at one and the same time? Don’t you want to pick her up and mother her?


Aleksei Stepanov. The Boulevard. 1919

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The Boulevard (Aleksei Stepanov, 1919)

Aleksei Stepanov. A Lady on a Divan. 1912

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A Lady on a Divan (Aleksei Stepanov, 1912)

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