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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Yuri Yegorov. A Peace Demonstration. 1960s

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A Peace Demonstration (Yuri Yegorov, 1960s)

Here is some art from a well-established journeyman artist, taking him from his start in the 60s right up to today. One can see that the switch from Socialist Realism to neo-Impressionism (and Realism) started in the late Soviet period, so, the artistic movement preceded, not followed the political change. That is, society was changing, but, it was not visible to Westerners until the actual fall of the Communists in 1991.

Ergo, one can say that the days of the USSR were numbered, and that is, perhaps, why it fell so suddenly and without a whimper. Americans should take note of this, for the present-day US is as much of a “hollow state” as was the late Soviet Union. Take heed.

By the way, Russians are very sincere about peace. World War I, the Civil War, and World War II (the 2nd Great Patriotic War) had devastated the country in successive waves of violence. The people sincerely wish for peace. Interestingly, it is America, not Russia, that is exporting mayhem throughout the world today. No doubt, it is because the American homeland was not devastated in the great conflicts of the 20th century. This security has led to a hubris and an arrogance that shall bring this country down. God willing, it shall not require devastation to give us wisdom.

Yuri Yegorov. Katia Yegorova. 1978

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Katia Yegorova [Yuri Yegorov, 1978]

Yuri Yegorov. A Portrait of a Woman. 1984

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A Portrait of a Woman (Yuri Yegorov, 1984)

Yuri Yegorov. Rosalind. 1991

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Rosalind (Yuri Yegorov, 1991)

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