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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Vasili Maksimov. An Old Man. 1881

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An Old Man (Vasili Maksimov, 1881)

Again, look at the eyes in this portrait. They have seen and experienced much, there is a wisdom that is palpable, quite unlike the eyes of contemporary American suburbanites, which are vacuous in the extreme.

Vasili Maksimov. An Old Peasant. 1890s

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An Old Peasant (Vasili Maksimov, 1890s)

I was looking for a painting similar in theme to the art photograph Uncle Shura below. This appears to fill the bill nicely.

Sergei Militsky. Uncle Shura. 2003

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Uncle Shura (Sergei Militsky, 2003)

Here is the face of our people, resilient, strong, and enduring. This is a face full of wisdom and joy. If I were given my choice, one Uncle Shura is worth the entire lot of loud scholars, “converts”, and “true believers”. At least, I could count on good-sense and heartfelt hospitality from Uncle Shura, and THAT is worth far more than empty words.

Stanislav Stempkovsky. Pastor and Flock. 2008

Pastor and Flock [Stanislav Stempkovsky, 2008]

This picture graphically portrays “lived Orthodoxy”. This is how the faith is passed on. We do not learn it from books, we do not learn it at “workshops”, we do not learn it from “facilitators”, nor do learn it at “mission conferences”. The flame is passed organically from one generation to the next, in a natural and loving way, full of ardour, grace, and joy. That is why I have disliked every “convert” Orthodox clergyman I have ever met. They are all too intense and “forced”. There is no sensus ludus in any of them. In short, a rather brittle and joyless lot. It is why I believe that the AOCANA is on its way out of the church. There are too many ex-Anglicans amongst them, and the “salt has lost its savour”, being replaced by a partisanship that is not Orthodox at all.

Look at this photo. This is what we need. I wish I could say straightly what I feel about canon-quoters and Fathers-spouters, but, this is a family site, after all. We need straight hearts and souls, not knowledge.

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