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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Ivan Aivazovsky. Icebergs in Antarctica. 1870

Icebergs in Antarctica (Ivan Aivazovsky, 1870)

This picture is an excellent example of the “composed” works of Aivazovsky. Meanwhile, it is absolutely precise in the depiction of the details and components of the ship. Whilst working at it, the artist recalled the stories of Admiral Mikhail Lazarev (1788-1851), for he was friends with the admiral when he commanded the Black Sea fleet. His famous expedition to Antarctica became the theme for the picture. Lazarev sailed together with Bellingshausen, and they discovered Antarctica in 1820. Then, the future Admiral Lazarev commanded one of two ships of expedition (the sloop Mirny (Peaceful)).

Art Katalog: Zhivopis i Grafika (in Russian)

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