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Friday, 29 August 2008

Nikolai Anokhin. Thaw. 1990

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Thaw (Nikolai Anokhin, 1990)

Nikolai Anokhin. Secluded Russia. no date (1990s-2000s)

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Secluded Russia (Nikolai Anokhin, no date (1990s-2000s))

Yuri Arsenyuk. The Assembly of the Bogatyrs. 1989

The Assembly of the Bogatyrs (Yuri Arsenyuk, 1989)

“Just WHAT is a Bogatyr?” you ask. Thank you for asking. A Bogatyr was a Russian epic hero, much like the medieval knight errant. Each bogatyr tended to be known for a certain character trait, Alyosha Popovich for his wits, Dobrynya Nikitich for his courage, and Ilya Muromets for his physical and spiritual power and integrity, and for his dedication to the protection of his homeland and people. Svyatagor passed his strength on to Ilya Muromets and Schemamonk Aleksandr Peresvyet died bravely on the Kulikovo Field in 1380 fighting the Tatar Horde. Many legends grew up around these famous warriors, but, they were not literary constructs, they were real men, of real heroic stature.

They stood for Russia, and their spirit is not dead today. Do not forget that Vladimir Putin is a black-belt in judo and sambo… and a very good one at that. The hand of peace is offered freely, otherwise… we shall fight for what is ours. Be aware…

Nikolai Anokhin. Russian Winter. no date (1990s-2000s)

Russian Winter (Nikolai Anokhin, no date (1990s-2000s))

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