Art and Faith

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Dushan Hadnadjev. My Hands Hold My Love. 2004

My Hands Hold My Love (Dushan Hadnadjev, 2004)

A Serbian peasant holds his beloved pet cat in his work-gnarled hands. This is truth.

Dushan Hadnadjev. Liturgy (a triptych). 2004

I believe that these photos speak for themselves. They were taken in Serbia in 2004. Pray for our Serbian co-religionists. They are in the right, but the godless neocons persecute them. May God give them strength.





Tatiana Vinnik. Trinity. 2005

Trinity (Tatiana Vinnik, 2005)

“Trinity” is the Russian colloquialism for Pentecost, when we bring all kinds of green things into the church to decorate it. It is why another Russian colloquialism for the holiday is “Green Sunday”. Our Russian church lives.

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