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Thursday, 4 September 2008

Sergei and Aleksei Tkachyov. Children. 1960

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Children (Sergei and Aleksei Tkachyov, 1960)

These three paintings by the Tkachyov brothers span forty-four years, older than some of my readers. If someone is active for that length of time, one does tend to become good… the secret to good art is simply picking up the brush every day and WORKING. If your “grubbies” aren’t grubby, you’re a lot of things… but, you ain’t no artist (or artiste), that’s for sure!

Sergei and Aleksei Tkachyov. Through an Open Window (2). 1987

Filed under: fine art,rural scene,Russian,Soviet period — 01varvara @ 00.00

Through an Open Window (2) (Sergei and Aleksei Tkachyov, 1987)

Sergei and Aleksei Tkachyov. Birches and Geese. 2004

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Birches and Geese (Sergei and Aleksei Tkachyov, 2004)

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