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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Pavel Korin. A Portrait of Fr Ivan, Our Priest in Palekh. 1931

A Portrait of Fr Ivan, Our Priest in Palekh (Pavel Korin, 1931)

I am offering four of the studies that Pavel Korin made for his monumental A Farewell to Rus. They are grand artistic works in their own right, historical documents in paint. This painting stands for all of the clergy who suffered at the time of the repressions. Note well that Fr Ivan is composed, but, he also has fear as well. Many of the clergy who compromised with the Soviets did so because their families were threatened by the commissars. How many of us would fold in such in a situation? Truly? That is why I believe that those who did such should be forgiven and their weakness forgotten. As for those who defended the Soviets from the freedom of the West… the less said the better!

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